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With exchange programs in more than 50 countries

Ayusa is a non-profit cultural exchange organization and study abroad organization for high school students interested in becoming foreign exchange students. ... provides a lifetime of high quality educational, work and volunteers programs ...

Study overseas in more than 20 countries with World Education Program (WEP) Australia. Our international student exchange programs offer you a transformational learning experience hand-in-hand with unsurpassed quality of support and attention to every student and family.


Opportunities to live and study overseas are available to all Australian secondary students who enjoy a challenge and are willing to completely immerse themselves into day-to-day life in another country. These outstanding educational programs offer you the experience of a lifetime and promote understanding and peace between people from different cultures.

APEC World Language & Culture Ambassadors (WLCA) offers highly engaging language and culture classes to elementary and middle school students. Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, and Farsi are just a few of the languages we offer to our young ambassadors. Through lively and interactive classes, our students gain the preparation they need to be globally successful while having fun!

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